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Portable X-Ray



 Mechanically optimized and engineered with metal unibody structure, Acuity DR 1417 has safety at 3.3 ft height drop test. Also, protection suit is separately provided to protect the detector in various situations such as hospitals and mobile environments. Ergonomically designed protection suit provides optimum usability in x-ray environments. X-ray environments efficiency considered package of a protection suit and a compatible tablet mounter further adds to user convenience. 


Inside AP & PCP

 Inside AP maximizes the portability function of Acuity DR 1417 which directly communicates with a tablet PC and Smart Phones to make possible the viewing of images on mobile devices. with PCP (Portable Console PC) and wireless communication, Acuity DR 1417’s high definition images can be given anywhere and anytime. This enables outdoor and mobile application such as in ICU, Veterinary, and Industrial situations. Now, capture x-ray images on your mobile devices. 


Wifi & Wired Transfer


  • Slim cassette size (36×43 cm2, 15mm)
  • Highly reliable and stable operation
  • High Definition by direct deposition Csl
  • WiFi image transfer available (optional)
  • Fast image acquisition time less than 2 sec.
  • Lossless AED support



Portable Medical Imaging has become much more in demand over the past few years. The team at Radmedix has been working hard to develop new user friendly technologies. With Radiographic Technologist in mind Radmedix has designed a very efficient Portable DR Imaging System to fit the needs of your patients and increase your clinic workflow. We have many different configuration options to best serve the needs of your facility. 

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  • Simple & Quick Installation
  • Only 6.5 lbs
  • Diagnostic image less than 3 seconds
  • HD Direct Deposited Csi Technology
  • Automatic Exposure Detection
  • Multi-channel technology
  • Seamless integration with AccuVue Cloud